After Jesus was tested, He was ready to begin His ministry. His ministry began with the most famous sermon of all time - The Sermon on the Mount. The sermon on the mount is to an extent like the inauguration speech of a president. I don't want this comparison to somehow relegate the Son of God to the position of a President. However, this was His inaugural speech, at least the first noted in the Gospels. From the beginning of time, God has spoken in many ways. Through prophets, through kings, through saints and sometimes even audibly for all to hear. But, never before had He spoken the way He was speaking now.When the people heard the sound of Jesus, they were hearing the very sound of their God- Yahweh. When they looked at His face, they were looking at the face of Jehovah. No wonder large crowds gathered to witness this spectacle. Finally, when it was time for the Christ to speak, He said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven". He followed that with eight other distinct blessings whose understanding is crucial to the understanding of Christianity as a whole. The nine characteristics that Jesus points out which are worthy of blessing is very unlike what any man would expect. These characteristics are poor in spirit, mourning, meek, hungry for righteousness, merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers and persecuted.

Each one of these traits is important enough to be studied in great detail. First of all let us consider how one becomes poor in the Spirit. A person becomes poor in spirit when He empties his spirit of all that gave him confidence, understanding and strength. When he does this, he makes space for Christ to come into his spirit and be one with Him. Once Jesus is your Lord, there is no more space for the empty and foolish philosophy of the World. There is no more of Socrates, Confucius, Aristotle not even Moses. There is only Jesus. This then is how the Kingdom comes. The Kingdom of God is a Person - Jesus, where He is, the Kingdom is. If Jesus is in your spirit today, or to say it otherwise if the Holy Spirit is your spirit then the reign of Jesus has come in your life. Your life can only have one King and that King should be Jesus. This is important because the rest of the Blessings all follow only if you are a person of the Kingdom.

Once Jesus is King in your life, it starts a spontaneous chain reaction of sorts. Our new King will Himself bring about the necessary meekness, mourning (burden for the world), mercy, purity, hunger for righteousness, and peace. Note that persecution comes from the world. Like, the prophets of old and like Jesus Himself we also will be persecuted when we follow the Lord. Sometimes by people inside the "Church" and sometimes by those outside. Even when persecution comes Jesus our King will be our peace. I want you to know that we are so profoundly blessed in our Spirit because of Jesus that no Devil can steal our inheritance and Blessing away. It all begins when the Kingdom of God comes in our heart. This is the mystery of the ages, that God who created the Universe will come to live inside of you when you open up your mind which is the gateway to the Spirit. How Blessed are we because of Jesus. Is there another people like God's people?

The rest of the sermon on the mount is filled with "gems" that we need to grasp and incorporate into our lives. But, it again explains how the people of the Kingdom must be in this world. In addition to this, Jesus explains the People of the Kingdom as the salt (preservative) of the earth. Jesus goes on to talk about all kinds of social issues ranging from anger to Divorce. It is impossible to discuss all of that here without taking the risk of this post being ridiculously long, so I am not going to attempt that. Have a great time listening and learning from God