Over the past few weeks I was engulfed over the way history has played itself out.First of all, did it play itself out or did God in all His wisdom guide every bit of History to its minute detail. Did He allow all these wars, famine and poverty to go on for some bigger objective or is it all Man's fault. Its a little hard to address these questions head on. As I kept pondering on these questions in my mind, I found it necessary at some point to look back at the farthest pages of History. Though the world does not believe in it the Bible is the most earliest and most provocative historical books of all time. The Bible tells us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about how this world came to be. So let's take a look at what happened so far in the grand scheme of things

In the beginning, God created man and everything we see in nature today. He blessed man to go out and populate the world, inhabit and rule it. When he created man He also gave him something extra extra special - Free will. This is the power to write one's own destiny. This gift was and is still utterly misused by mankind. This free will is what put man in the chains of sin and disobedience. To put it simple, God wrote the rules or the law which is above everything else and God gave man a choice to either follow the law or to break it and face the consequences. Man chose the latter and history took a drastic turn on that day. Things got so worse that even God thought he made a grand mistake when he made man. Does God make mistakes.... Hmmm. He finally decided that man should be wiped off the globe through a flood that would rewrite history. He chose one man or let me say found one man and his family who would be the new father of all - Noah. This man Noah tried to persuade many people to get into his boat but was mostly unsuccessful. The people remained outside, but the animals who don't have a free will got into the boat. Sometimes, I think its better to be a flea inside that Boat of salvation than to be a king who stayed out of the boat of salvation.

Years passed... Noah was long gone. It was time for God to choose a different man for a very different purpose. God decided that it was time to make His own nation among the wicked nations of this world. He decided the exact geographical location of this new nation ( I'm talking of Israel and if you don't know, Israel lies exactly in the middle of the world map). So he chose this new man Abram, changed him to Abraham and then sent him onto the center of the world. Because this man dared to obey even in the most dire circumstances, God made Him go from childless to father of nations...literally. When Abraham was gone there was an Issac, when Issac was gone there was Jacob... thus started this grand lineage that would bless the whole world. Jacob became Israel when he decided to struggle with God just to be blessed more than anyone in this world. Israel is translated to "One who struggled with God". That name still holds true, In all history there has never been a nation who had to go through this much suffering. But, Israel was and will always be the apple of God's eye. Whoever touches Israel touches God. Woe to you all you nations who despise Israel. Through Jacob's sons God had established a nation that will last forever.

So here was this nation blessed by God even though they were not even remotely worthy of it and here was the rest of the world who was in a great big mess. The world had become fatherless so as to speak. They did not know who created them and was separated from God through sin. Then came the ultimate point in the grand scheme of things. God decided to send His Son to die on the cross as a sacrifice for the sins of all the world, not only for Israel. Yes, Jesus died even for those who were not even born yet. Jesus came, Jesus loved, Jesus conquered through His love far more than any King ever before. He died and then He rose again and when he did He tore the veil of separation between God and man. History was torn into two. This was the new world, everything was made new. Jesus still lives, His word will never pass away and He is the only reason a person like me gets to have communion to God. I am the great grandson of a drunkard. All my ancestors were idol worshipers, but God loved me with such an everlasting, daring, audacious, unexplainable, unfathomable love that I am now His as much as He is Mine. I am sold out to this great God. Are You??? Where do you come in the scheme of God?. He wants you to be His friend and partner. Will You give your life to Him?