I lack motivation, its as simple as that. Sometimes, I admit I am lazy but no one at my work place or school would ever label me that way.. this only means one thing and that is that I do the things which I have to do and nothing other than that. If I can get away without doing something, I just decide not to do it.. Hope I have company out there. But, the bad news is that there are some things which we can get away without doing just for the time being, later the consequences hit us hard. For instance, prayer... what happens if we don't pray for one day. Honestly, nothing much happens.. everything will be normal. But after ten days without spiritual food and prayer you start to feel the effects. This is the case with prayer, there are many other things that affect us if we ignore them for long. If I have to name them I would be here all night long. So that's the problem... How can we do those little things daily.

There is only one way to make us do those little things, and that one way is by holding us accountable. I came up with a wonderful little idea ( at least in my opinion.. :)..)that is still in its experimental stages as I like to say.. to make myself accountable. Every night, I try to sit down and plan for the next day and then I record myself talking into the lens of my cell phone about the day (this part is hilarious the next morning) and all that I am going to do (Or plan to do for the next day). I save the clip, then watch it some time in the morning... Not only do I remember what I planned to do to the very detail, it also makes my conscience trouble me all day until I finish all the tasks. I know maybe this will also become a routine over time and maybe I will start cheating myself. Well, then I will come up with another brilliant idea.... LOL. That's what brains are for. Gotta go.