I am writing this with an extremely heavy heart, but at the same moment I am filled with peace that passes all understanding. My Grandmother lost her battle with cancer today, the disease hit her so hard that she was only a shadow of her former being. She was a grandma filled with love and she loved everyone. There is no one in this world who was her enemy... everyone she met was her friend. When she came to the US, she was eager to learn more English so that she could talk with Americans...and her American Indian grandchildren. I don't know what to write... I am completely blank upstairs. Today in the evening 5:20 PM central, she breathed her last. She is in heaven.. where there is no more pain and suffering. Its hard to accept that she will not be there for us here, but we have to come to terms with that sooner or later. As she was on her death bed, she was surrounded with all the people she cherished most. Her three children (out of which my dad is the eldest), 5 of her 7 grandchildren, her 2 daughter in laws and her beloved bothers and sisters in Christ. We expressed our gratitude to our dear mother and she accepted it yesterday. She knew she would go...At 5:19 the nurses came to change her clothes, we all stepped out of the hospital room and in that instant she died. I believe that God did not want us to see her breath her last, I know that she would not want her beloved husband of 51 years cry at that moment. She used to tell her husband that she was ready to go, if grandpa would agree not to cry. God granted her wish, and she went to be with the Lord without even us seeing her die. right now, I believe she is resting in Paradise and seeing all her loved ones that are there. When we gave her a farewell here on earth, I believe they received her with the pomposity of heaven.

Truly this has been one of the saddest days of my life, but the peace of Christ Jesus is so amazing only people with intense sorrow can understand what it means to be comforted by HIM. He will never despise a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Birthdays were always so special to her, she would celebrate the birthdays of her loved ones even when she went through great pain in the body. She lived long enough that mine was the last birthday she celebrated.I have to go now... please pray for us and especially for grandpa.