When I am a little stressed out with things of this world I always like to fantasize about my eternal Home on the other side of the river. I love thinking about meeting all those people I miss so badly, and over everything I look forward to see the face of my Lord Jesus. To see the nail pierced hands that were stretched out for me, to see the angels who sing God's praises. I want to see the streets of Gold. Can you imagine the excitement we will have when we tread the streets of Gold with our Savior... I can't. I don't want to imagine anymore, I wanna go. Here is a song that always gives me the hope to move on in this life. Brothers and sisters life is just a temporary assignment, though we will all die one day we will live again in a much better place. Let that hope drive you on in this life. Because whatever happens there is nothing the world can do to take that hope away from us.