Well I am coming back to my ordinary life after a very tiresome and sorrowful week.. My grandma's funeral was day before yesterday and all the relatives who came for the funeral are now back home. It was a great opportunity to meet so many relatives from all parts of the USA... I am sure my grandma would be happy to see that all her relatives, her friends and even her neighbors were extending helping hands to console us. But now, as everyone is home, we as a family have to bear the grief alone. We are all depending on God for our peace and happiness, the hope that we can see her on the other shore drives us on. I know I would not want to miss the opportunity to meet her again. Besides that, school seems to be moving on comfortably and work is also good.. But, I need to catch up on reading the bible.. I had planned to read the whole bible in one year but I find myself well behind schedule. So, that's what's on my to do list today.