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Coning Back

Well I am coming back to my ordinary life after a very tiresome and sorrowful week.. My grandma's funeral was day before yesterday and all the relatives who came for the funeral are now back home. It was a great opportunity to meet so many relatives from all parts of the USA... I am sure my grandma would be happy to see that all her relatives, her friends and even her neighbors were extending helping hands to console us. But now, as everyone is home, we as a family have to bear the grief alone. We are all depending on God for our peace and happiness, the hope that we can see her on the other shore drives us on. I know I would not want to miss the opportunity to meet her again. Besides that, school seems to be moving on comfortably and work is also good.. But, I need to catch up on reading the bible.. I had planned to read the whole bible in one year but I find myself well behind schedule. So, that's what's on my to do list today.

See you in heaven Mama

I am writing this with an extremely heavy heart, but at the same moment I am filled with peace that passes all understanding. My Grandmother lost her battle with cancer today, the disease hit her so hard that she was only a shadow of her former being. She was a grandma filled with love and she loved everyone. There is no one in this world who was her enemy... everyone she met was her friend. When she came to the US, she was eager to learn more English so that she could talk with Americans...and her American Indian grandchildren. I don't know what to write... I am completely blank upstairs. Today in the evening 5:20 PM central, she breathed her last. She is in heaven.. where there is no more pain and suffering. Its hard to accept that she will not be there for us here, but we have to come to terms with that sooner or later. As she was on her death bed, she was surrounded with all the people she cherished most. Her three children (out of which my dad is the eldest), 5 of her 7 grandchildren, her 2 daughter in laws and her beloved bothers and sisters in Christ. We expressed our gratitude to our dear mother and she accepted it yesterday. She knew she would go...At 5:19 the nurses came to change her clothes, we all stepped out of the hospital room and in that instant she died. I believe that God did not want us to see her breath her last, I know that she would not want her beloved husband of 51 years cry at that moment. She used to tell her husband that she was ready to go, if grandpa would agree not to cry. God granted her wish, and she went to be with the Lord without even us seeing her die. right now, I believe she is resting in Paradise and seeing all her loved ones that are there. When we gave her a farewell here on earth, I believe they received her with the pomposity of heaven.

Truly this has been one of the saddest days of my life, but the peace of Christ Jesus is so amazing only people with intense sorrow can understand what it means to be comforted by HIM. He will never despise a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Birthdays were always so special to her, she would celebrate the birthdays of her loved ones even when she went through great pain in the body. She lived long enough that mine was the last birthday she celebrated.I have to go now... please pray for us and especially for grandpa.

Jesus is coming at midnight..... Its 11:59

When I am a little stressed out with things of this world I always like to fantasize about my eternal Home on the other side of the river. I love thinking about meeting all those people I miss so badly, and over everything I look forward to see the face of my Lord Jesus. To see the nail pierced hands that were stretched out for me, to see the angels who sing God's praises. I want to see the streets of Gold. Can you imagine the excitement we will have when we tread the streets of Gold with our Savior... I can't. I don't want to imagine anymore, I wanna go. Here is a song that always gives me the hope to move on in this life. Brothers and sisters life is just a temporary assignment, though we will all die one day we will live again in a much better place. Let that hope drive you on in this life. Because whatever happens there is nothing the world can do to take that hope away from us.

Been Busy lately

I don't remember being this busy in years... College and the part time job I have at the local grocery store is just eating up all of my time but I am fulfilled and moving on in life. Because of this tight schedule I have not been able to post anything lately. Even as I type this, I am just back from work and find myself extremely tired and sleepy. I am writing this post so that I don't have to feel bad about not posting anything. Every day at work I see a lot of interesting people ranging from good old grandmas to hip youngsters. Today, however I saw a very touching scene as a couple was unable to pay for all the stuff they bought. The guy was mightily embarrassed when he found out that he was well short of the total. He then had to return some items and go out with only the bare necessities... this sight made me feel really bad inside. It just hit me that lots and lots of people are struggling out there to make both ends meet. All of us who are pretty well off should stop complaining about all the little things and be thankful to God.. If you are also feeling the effects of our pathetic economy.. there is only one thing to do. Take it one day at a time and move on. You will see that God is more than enough to take care of you and your family. The one thing I have learned in my life is that God can give me anything, anywhere and at anytime. All we need to do is have faith in Him. He who takes care of the birds of the sky knows how to take care of you too. God does not need a stimulus package to save you... Our Father owns the whole world. This is the time for us to stop trusting in man (Government) and start trusting in God again.

Ready to Tangle

Its official, Godtube has changed its name to Tangle.. The change comes after weeks of waiting on the part of all Godtube members. Tangle refers to the tangled branches of a vine.. the change was inspired by the words of Jesus, "I am the Vine and you are the Branches". If you are already on Tangle, please let me know so that I can add you as my friend on Tangle. Sounds like a great idea... In this age of social networking Christians really needed this service to stay connected with other christians. If you have never heard of Godtube or Tangle please follow the link.

WOW Another Idea

I lack motivation, its as simple as that. Sometimes, I admit I am lazy but no one at my work place or school would ever label me that way.. this only means one thing and that is that I do the things which I have to do and nothing other than that. If I can get away without doing something, I just decide not to do it.. Hope I have company out there. But, the bad news is that there are some things which we can get away without doing just for the time being, later the consequences hit us hard. For instance, prayer... what happens if we don't pray for one day. Honestly, nothing much happens.. everything will be normal. But after ten days without spiritual food and prayer you start to feel the effects. This is the case with prayer, there are many other things that affect us if we ignore them for long. If I have to name them I would be here all night long. So that's the problem... How can we do those little things daily.

There is only one way to make us do those little things, and that one way is by holding us accountable. I came up with a wonderful little idea ( at least in my opinion.. :)..)that is still in its experimental stages as I like to say.. to make myself accountable. Every night, I try to sit down and plan for the next day and then I record myself talking into the lens of my cell phone about the day (this part is hilarious the next morning) and all that I am going to do (Or plan to do for the next day). I save the clip, then watch it some time in the morning... Not only do I remember what I planned to do to the very detail, it also makes my conscience trouble me all day until I finish all the tasks. I know maybe this will also become a routine over time and maybe I will start cheating myself. Well, then I will come up with another brilliant idea.... LOL. That's what brains are for. Gotta go.

Its My Birthday

I turn 20 today, i feel much older and more responsible now... This is your chance to wish me a Happy Birthday, and I expect you to take it. Not much time now. will get back later.

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