T emptation is one of the most interesting things that I have learned as a Christian. Everyone has tempting thoughts, once in a while, even non-Christians. What is Temptation?, Why does it come?, Is it a sin to be tempted?. Let us dig deeper and in the process answer these questions.Temptation starts as a simple thought but ends up to be a force which changes our will and makes us do things which we told ourselves and others that we will not do. When it is over, we ask ourselves, "How on earth did I do that". Being tempted is not a sin, but giving in to temptation is. To understand temptation, we have to see our lives as a fort. God has built a fort of protection around ourselves, but because he loves us He has also given us the free will to walk in and out of the fort. Many times we desire all that is outside the fort and we move out of the fort. We get lost in a search to satisfy our flesh, then we come back into our fort. As we come in, we forget to lock the gates of our fort and we live in a false sense of security. God can protect you by building a fort around you, but it is our responsibility to keep the gates shut to the evil one. Seeing the gates open, the devil sneaks in unnoticed and then starts to work his way into everything that we held precious. He makes war against us, a war we are bound to lose without our God's help. Whatever I have said, until now is inevitable. The devil will sneak in, he will tempt you now and then but here is what we have to do when we know he has breached our walls.

We have to hold out the temptation long enough for God's grace to see us through. Because it us who left the Gates of our fort open, God lets us be tempted for some time, but he knows our weaknesses and He has a plan to save you. He knows just how much you can withstand. If you hold out temptaion for some time, we will see that the devil will flee. The Word of God says that if we resisit the devil he will flee. Next time you are tempted, hold out until God's reinforcements arrive. If you can do that, and win over temptation your faith will be increased greatly and you will be a stronger Christian. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Ask yourself, are your gates closed.