Yesterday night I found myself prancing around the room trying to pray. I was guilty of not spending much time in prayer, and when you do not pray enough, you are starving your inner man. So, it was taking its toll on me and yesterday I was determined to make amends. I enjoyed His presence in prayer again, but I went a bit further. To ensure that I will keep myself in His presence, I decided to keep a Prayer Journal. Now, this journal will contain a list of all the needs I have been addressing to God in prayer. The Journal will also record how God is acting with regards to the needs. This will make my prayer more serious and urgent. Lots of times , we as Christians do not know what we are praying for. I believe that prayer should come from the heart and that we should be able to say everything to God uncut and unedited. But, sometimes this might lead our prayer to become nothing but thinking aloud. To avoid this, I believe we should have a list of all the things we are praying for . As we move on, we will see and will be able to appreciate God's miraculous hand in our lives. I will be posting about how my journal is going.