Listening to God is the most important thing a Christian needs to learn to do in his/her life. First, we need to come to terms with the fact that God can speak. He can speak to your circumstance through God's word which is the Bible. A verse which made very little sense yesterday can make a whole lot of sense today, if you open your hearts and ears to listen. I believe there is a verse for every problem we face in the Bible. If only we could search it like miners in a quarry. We just run past the "same old verses" again and again like reading a newspaper, if only we could meditate on it more would we able to hear God speak. Sometimes, I wait for God to speak through an audible voice, when he already told me what he wanted me to do through my father or mother. Yes, that's right, God can speak through people. We only have to be able to recognize his sound. The Bible records an incident where a donkey talked on the behalf of God to a prophet. If God can talk through a donkey, he surely talk through any man and woman of God, not only pastors. God can also influence our thoughts, He can give you an idea about something you would never have thought about. Just like the devil tempts us by first attacking our thoughts, God gives us his thoughts and his ideas. I pray that God would continue to talk to me in whatever way he wants. I am tired of hearing the craziness this world has to say. There is nothing as sweet as His unchanging Word. If my ears hear anything, let it hear the Word of God. We can close our eyes, but we can never close our ears. We always have to be listening to something or the other because Faith comes from hearing, and hearing the word of God. May God help us all to be listeners, may we listen to God when we pray without just complaining to Him. God bless you.