Growing up I was a very sore loser. If you played with me and I lost, all hell would break lose.. I would start crying, whining, throwing stuff, you name it I did it. I came to know that this kind of sore loser syndrome is widespread among children who are 4-6 years old. Have you seen a child who makes everything a contest. Running out of the car will be made a race just to beat his/her siblings. Even eating lunch is a contest, where the one who finishes eating first is the winner. These kinds of crazy little competitions are started by kids who have the sore loser syndrome.. I used to do it as a kid and I know what I am saying. These kids think that winning is everything. But, sometimes winning is nothing. Parents out there should nip this behavior in the bud, because if you let the kid win all the time just to make him happy, you are just following the recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, I grew up with sore loser syndrome and the only one who changed it for me was God. He made me fail some things in life until I understood that learning to lose is as important as learning to win. To have your head held high and your faith untouched even after a failure pleases God more than when you win. I have a feeling most Christians are turning out to be sore losers.. They are all happy and religious when everything is going fine and when they are winning, but after some losses here and there, you can see the attitude changing. God does not approve this behavior and though we are all victors in Christ Jesus we will lose some battles on the way.

We will not get what we want, no need to argue about that. The key is how you react when things are not going fine. Do you cry, whine, blame God. If you do, it should stop now... An old saying comes to mind, " Hope for the Best and prepare for the worst". Many times we forget to prepare for the worst. If you have trouble being a good loser ( probably not the best way to put it, I guess you get the point) there is one thing you need to remember. God is still on the throne, no matter what. If you lost, if you failed, if disaster struck you in the most unexpected way it is because God let it happen. He wants you to learn from it... Only rough seas can make a good sailor. In the coming days, I wish you the best, but if failure comes your way react as a mature experienced Christian and keep your faith untouched.