The New year is now moving on in full swing, and we all made a lot of resolutions. I am just curious to know whether all of you out there are keeping your resolutions. All I resolved to do this year was to read the whole Bible in this year and to start running. The "reading the Bible Part" is going on smoothly, but the running part is now suspended until better weather comes my way. Wait is that an excuse, well if it is, at least it is a good one. LOL. Other than that my life is still the same but I am growing daily in the Lord. As we grow we throw a lot of things away which we held so precious to us. Sometimes, I reflect on my life and I am so ashamed and surprised to see all the worthless things I followed in my life. Maybe I am still following some of those stuff in my life. My aim is to get rid of everything that stands in God's way of taking first place in my heart. In the new year I got a new part time job, which I am getting used to..The way in which God gave me this job is such a miracle that I would like to share it with you some other time. Now as I have said all that is going on in my life, I want to know some things that have been going on in your life. Are you keeping your new year resolutions?. Are you happy in the midst of the recession?. Remember that a good beginning is half the work done. If you are having trouble doing all that you wanted to do, don't give up. Giving up is not an option for Christians. Anything and everything is possible with God. So persevere and see the results. Have a great day.