Iknow its a little late but I want to wish you all a happy new year filled with the Lord's Blessings. May all of us grow to the stature God wants us to see us, May we learn new things daily and may all of us be able to act according to our New Year Resolutions. Talking about resolutions, I made some this year, but I was a little amazed to see that many of the bloggers that I follow have not taken any resolutions at least as of now. Have we all lost hope that we can keep our decisions, come on I am not good at keeping decisions too but I need to try, we all need to try. So I came up with two resolutions. I found a little "Read the bible in a year plan" online and I decided to start running to keep myself fit. Also this year I would like to spice up the blog with some of my favorite misadventures that will crack you up.Happy new year once again.