Our Father who art in Heaven. Today I pray from the bottom of my heart that you fill our new President Barrack Obama with wisdom from above to lead us not only into prosperity but to a better Nation. I pray that you forgive this country who has lost its first love for you, forgive us because we have rejected you through our actions and words. Have mercy on us Lord, we are still your people, do not forsake us and do not count our sins against us. Give us a wonderful future, and when you return in the clouds to take your bride, let a multitude of people be taken away to be with you. Till then, allow us to be the beacon to this dark world. Allow us to lead the world in truth and Love. Help us Lord, to follow your path till it all comes to an end. We are not afraid of wars and rumours of war because we know that our keeper neither slumbers nor does He sleep. Protect us and Guide us just like you always did. In Jesus Name I pray.