All was over. My knees hit the ground, tears filled my eyes, I laid down my weapons there was nothing left to be done. The giant had neared and in a matter of seconds it would all be over. Suddenly, someone picked me up, He cleansed me, He gave me new weapons and healed my wounds. Today, I am a giant killer, I have killed many of my giants and I wont stop till every one of them is down.

My dear brothers and sisters we are all giant killers. Different people have different giants to destroy. For some it is the giant of fear, for some it is the giant of lust and for some it maybe the giant of doubt. Each of us need to resolve this new year to take down every giant systematically and let us see at the end of the year how many giants will remain standing. He trains our fingers for war, and our war is not against people but against the principalities of darkness. We might have lost many battles but I assure you if you take up your weapons and fight We will win this war. Are you ready for war?.