Does life feel like everything you held dear is going away from your grasps. Do you feel as if someone has wronged you in ways you can never forget. Are you in a place where you know for sure that there is nothing left to do. The question is Are you broken?. We have heard a lot of things about how to mend a broken heart. But, all that "self help" has got you and I nowhere. So, today let us go to the greatest healer of all time. Jesus. He sees everything that is hurting you and he knows more than you do what the exact reason behind your sorrow is. But, there is something He wants to do while you are still heart broken. He wants to work in you and change you, so that when your heart is made whole again, you won't be the person you were again. Did you know that it takes "Broken" soil to cultivate plants, it takes "Broken" clay to make a pot, it takes "Broken" clouds to give rain ( These thoughts are not mine - I heard it from a sermon made by John Hagee). So being broken is not that bad after all. Let God work in you during these days when you feel everything is over. The Bible says that God cannot overlook a broken Heart and a broken Spirit. Jesus is closer to you in the sad moments of life than He is during the happier moments of life. So, if you are broken, it also means that He is near and ready to work on you. It is time for you to surrender and be changed. Will you?