Last few days, I was not in the best of moods for some reason. I felt something was just keeping me from being happy, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not figure out what it was for sure. I prayed about it, asked myself .... but all attempts from my behalf were futile. I wonder if anyone out there can relate to what I am trying to say. Well, the good news is that God had plans to rescue me from the unexplained sadness in my life. Yesterday morning my dad's cousin and her whole family showed up at our house. They live in Atlanta and wanted to pay us a visit during the weekend. At first, it did not sound like good news, but boy was I wrong. The family that visited us consisted of 4 children (three little girls aged 8,6 and 3 + a 18 month old boy). I spent a lot of time with the children, playing their little (also silly) games and showing them stuff. I was taken to another world by these children. I felt like being a child all over again.. I don't know how to describe it in words but all I can say is that these 4 angels gave me back the joy that I somehow lost over the week.Through all this, God taught me that sometimes he wants us to be like little kids taking comfort in his arms without focusing on the problems in our life. We all worry, and I am no different. In the future, I wish I could show such child like faith and innocence in my life. If I can succeed at that, I would be able to console others like these children consoled me even without telling me anything about my sorrow. They did not open the Bible, they did not lead me in worship but they still touched me. Can we do that, a little more?. Can we touch lives just because of our actions and because of what God made us to be. Yes we can. Let it be our prayer that people may see Jesus through all our lives.