B efore we go deeper into the topic of Prayer, it is critical to know and understand what Jesus taught about Prayer. In Matt 5:5-14, Jesus talks about how to pray. He stresses on 3 important points of Prayer.

  • Do not Pray to show others, or to make yourself look religious.Do not even tell others when and how much you Pray. It is yours and the Father's business alone. This instruction comes with a promise, That the Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you in public.
  • Prayer does not depend on the number of words we use or the quality of the words we use. The Father knows before we ask, but he wants to give it to us only after we spend time in His presence. Sometimes, prayer can be a sigh, sometimes it can last for 2 hours. Prayer should always be led by the Spirit. Do not be in a rush when you pray, take your time and relax in God's presence. Now, for a closer look at the Lord's Prayer.
  • Note How the prayer begins - It begins with worship and blessing the Father in heaven. Many of us start praying by just rushing into our needs. That is not advisable. Then, Jesus prays that our will be joined into God's will and that God's will be done. The third part is asking God to provide for us everything we need for the day. This part of the Lord's prayer is clear evidence that God wants us to pray daily. This is where we need to ask God for our needs and believe that it is already done. Then, we should end the prayer by asking forgiveness for all our sins, but note how Jesus puts it into words.
"Forgive us our debts (sins, shortcomings) as we also have forgiven our debtors".
This implies that we can ask for forgiveness only after we forgive everyone for everything. The point is before we start praying we need to ask ourselves if all our relationships are in a good state. If it is not in a good state, we need to make amends before we pray. Same thing happens when you worship, if you have not forgiven someone, or not made amends in a broken relationship God will not accept your worship. So, whether we forgive or not decides whether or not God will accept our worship and whether or not God will accept our worship and whether or not he will forgive us our sins.

Ask yourself if you forgive others when they harm you, or are you quick to condemn them. This might be what is blocking your miracle.