I always dreamed about seeing snow. When I came to the United states, I was sad that it would not snow in Houston. But, I was wrong.. It does snow in Houston. Its snowing outside, as I am typing this. Its a dream come true. I played a lot in the snow along with my cousins, We rolled down the retention pond. We made a snow man. You name it we did it. We had illegal amount of fun... I can only thank God for all the experiences he is giving in my life. We witnessed a hurricane for the first time earlier this year and now snow. It cannot get better than this. For those of you wh live in the North, I might sound crazy but try to understand my excitement. In the midst of all my excitement, a Bible verse came into my mind.

"Though your sins are red as scarlet, I will make them white as snow". I thanked God from the bottom of my heart for cleansing me of my sin and making me white as snow. Hope all of you out there are having as much fun as I am doing. God be with y'all.