This post is dedicated to all those Christian friends who are in grief or depression for some reason. I want to start off by saying that I don't know why your sad and I cannot know. But, God knows and he does not want you to see sad anymore.. He Loves you. In our families, have you noticed that the whole family goes cold and sad, when one of us is sad. That happens because family members are connected heart to heart. When one feels down,everyone feels down. Its the same with God. He is sad to see you sad.. You might ask me if that is true why God does not come and take your sadness away. God's word says cast your burdens on Him and that he will carry it for you. We seldom carry our burdens to God in prayer, some of us go to God with the burden and take the burden back with us after praying. So, My beloved Brother/Sister are you willing to put some burdens down today. God will take care of it, please put it down.. I pray that all the negative thoughts in your mind be gone in Jesus name. Replace all those thoughts with Hope. Not the false hope that this world gives, but with the Hope from above, The hope of that wonderful future, you are going to have in eternity.

My beloved Brother/Sister, one of these days we will be walking the Streets of gold. One of these days we will kiss the face that was bruised for us.. Your pain will go away, every tear from your eye will be wiped away. The pain in your heart will go away, the pain in your body will fade away. I know that Home is near, there is not much to go now just a bit. When we reach there, we will have transformed bodies, the body we have now will be removed, in a twinkle of the eye we will be transformed. But, when you reach heaven and when everything is perfect there will still be One with bruises on his hands. Your bridegroom will show you where the nail pierced that day, he will show you forever how much it meant to Him to take you there to this beautiful place. The place where there is no darkness, where the Lamb is the Light, the place meant for you and I.... The place I call Home. It will be Home sweet Home and I can almost see Home, can You?