I had a very hard semester because of Ike. The teachers had to go through stuff they usually cover in 6 weeks. We had to study all that in 4 weeks.. It makes a difference. I am nearly at the end of the semester. I have one more online course I need to complete from the comfort of my home. But, its still hard work. Yesterday, my grade for History 1 was posted by the teacher. It almost gave me a heart attack when I saw the final grade. It read 89.6%... If only I had 0.4% more I would have got an A. I know that God wants to teach me a lesson through it. There are kids out there who try to get a C and then end up with a D.. I should be happy about what God gave me. How great it would be if all of us started appreciating the things he does for us, instead of being greedy like me. If God thinks its best for you to have a B grade instead of an A grade stop whining about it and move on. This is what I am trying to teach myself. Part of me is still disappointed, but the stronger half of me(My inner man) is driving me on.

As for now, I cannot wait to get this final course done and get into the Holiday mood. Hope everyone is having a great time out there. If not, its just a way of looking at things... try to find the good in every situation and be the change you want to see in this world. Bye.