ow Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" - Hebrews 11:1. This gem of a verse is by far the best definition of Faith I have heard before. It is so simple, yet the verse needs a lot of reflection to perfect our understanding of our faith. It says that faith is not mere hope, nor is it any false hope, but it is the act of being sure that through God what we hope will be ours. Yesterday night as I was reading the word of God to prepare for this post, God told me that trying to explain Faith completely is an impossible task. Therefore, I am not trying to explain faith completely... Faith can only be explained to ourselves by us. We can only understand the concept of Faith by using it in our daily lives. This is the reason why even Paul tried to explain what Faith is by referring to a large number of Saints. Note that each saint of God, did different things with Faith. Here are some truths about Faith that we as believers should always keep in our hearts:

  1. Faith is a requisite to please God. Without Faith no one can please God.
  2. Faith is the opposite of fear. Whoever has faith will fear nothing.
  3. Faith can be exercised daily in our lives. Just as muscles grow in our body according to how much we use it, Faith also grows within us. If we decide to be worried about every other thing in this world it will harm our faith but as we make a conscious effort to trust in God, our situations will change for the better and our faith will be increased.
  4. Is believing and faith the same thing?. The answer is definitely "No". As a child I used to think that it was easier for the children of Israel to believe and trust in God than it is for me because they saw the splendor of God. The case of the Israelite is evidence that believing and faith is not the same thing. They believed that God existed, they acknowledged what He did for them in the past, but when it came to being hopeful of the future they failed miserably. Remember, Faith is about the future, not the past.
  5. We are justified by how much Faith we have.
  6. Faith is trusting the promise of God even when everything is not perfect.
  7. Faith is not a gift, it is a duty..Long time ago, I used to think that some people are blessed with faith. That is not the case, we are the ones who decide how much faith we have. It is our duty to trust in God.
  8. Lack of Faith hurts God. Have you ever heard someone else say to you, " You do not trust me do You". Have you looked carefully into the eyes of a person who says so, all I can see there is hurt. God gets hurt when we do not trust in Him, just like a husband will get hurt if his wife does not trust in him.
  9. Faith is the key that opens the lock to God's blessings.
  10. Faith and works work hand in hand. (James 2:19).
I want you to see this video so that you can understand what faith is... watch how the little girl holds her Dad's hands when she is afraid. Now, that is Faith.