Change is in the Air ... Well we heard that a lot during the election. Change is coming, change is days away, and finally we heard change is here. There is something with change that draws people to it.. Change is good, some believe. But, we should always count the pro's and cons of a change. Talking about change, the most annoying change I have ever seen is the change of the word Christmas to Xmas. Where the heck did Xmas come from??? Who took Christ out of Christmas?? I will tell you who did it.... THE DEVIL. That's right, he did it and he is very successful too. X is sometimes used as a word where we don't know what to name something... hence X-ray, X-box etc. Its official, the west has taken Christ out of Christmas and brought in Santa Claus (the sweet old man who never grows old, who gives gifts, who puts children on the lap and kisses them.... eeewwwww). For a second, just see how crooked the devil is, he actually substituted Jesus with a sweet old man. This reminds me of what the Jews did when they rejected Jesus and brought in Barabas.

I don't want to wreck your happy Christmas,but I want to remind you that Christmas is about Christ. If you take Christ out, there is no Christmas. Celebrate Christmas the way it should be celebrated. Don't forget to tell your kids that there is no Santa, (but there is Satan) and there is a Jesus who he is the reason we celebrate Christmas.