Are you those people who are labeled cool by your society or the college in which you study?. Unfortunately, I was not cool and I hope I will never be. Don't be mistaken by my strong stand now, but there was a time when I really wanted to be cool. I wanted to be just like every other cool dude in college. In my attempt to be cool, I chose friends who were cool, I dressed to be cool and even talked to be cool. Have you noticed how cool sometimes borders sin and hell, when I noticed that, I gave up being cool. I saw that some of my friends expected me to listen to Satanic music, see super horror movies, see porn every day and also drink alcohol. What did I do?. Well, I chickened out and as a result I was labeled mama's boy and many other names I dare not mention. I took the lonely road out, the road of insult, but I thank God for helping me to take that decision. I know a lot of college students who were Christians, before they actually joined college. Once they joined college, they used their freedom and ruined their lives. I know people who started using drugs, smoking and every other thing after college. They seldom understand that those little decisions they make during college years will stick with them till they die. Are you one of those people who will do anything to impress your friends. If you are, I am sorry for you because you are going to be disappointed in the end. Real friends do not need you to impress them daily, they will be there till the end no matter what. I've had only one true friend in my entire life. Every one else wanted me to be their little puppet doing the things they wanted me to do. They do not know how to disagree.. So, stop pleasing others, hold on to biblical principles tightly and don't worry if people hate you for that. They hated Jesus, is it a surprise that they will hate you?. I have come to terms with my life and I have promised myself that I will be what God intended me to be and not what my so called friends intend me to be. Will you make the same decision?. I will tell you, its worth it.