"Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit will reap eternal Life." - Galatians 6:7,8

When God created this World as we see today, He created a set of Principles or core truths that He cannot change. One of the many principles of God, is shown in the above verse. Let us dig a little deeper into this verse for some time.

The Bible says that all human beings have a sinful nature inside. Every person who is born into this world is born with sin in their hearts. Yes, even the little cute child you know has a sinful nature residing in it. This happened due to the fall of Man. Now, there is a second nature that can inhabit our body, that is the Spiritual nature. The Spiritual nature enters our beings only when we accept Jesus into our hearts as our personal Savior. Does that mean that our sinful nature is completely replaced by a new Spiritual nature. No, far from it, As Christians we have both our sinful nature and our Spiritual nature residing inside in us. But, here's the problem only one of this both natures can rule us or can control us. This fight for control my brethren is the fight of our lives. We can either try and put our Spiritual nature or the Holy Spirit in us on the throne of our life, or we can put our Sinful nature on the throne of our lives. This choice is not a one time choice we make when we accept God into our hearts, it is a daily moment by moment choice we all have to make. This is where the verse we looked at comes in.

If we sow to please our sinful nature, we will reap destruction. Sow to please our sinful nature?. What does that mean?. Sowing refers to our actions.. When we harbor sinful thoughts like anger and hurt towards somebody we are sowing seeds for our sinful nature to take over. I guarantee you if we all keep that anger towards someone burning in our inner being, its only a matter of time until we will reap destruction by acting out at the person. In the same way if we sow seeds of love so as to please the Holy Spirit we will reap eternal life. Besides, reaping eternal life we will also reap happiness, peace and joy. How do you actually sow to please the Spirit, its by continually depending on God's grace. We all have to learn this once and for all, that our deeds are not going to get us into heaven. Its our daily dependence on God's grace that will take us through to the other side.

Let me explain, we have a less than perfect body(not shape, I am talking about the flesh and the sinful desires), a less than perfect soul(our thoughts, our actions,our attitudes are all less than perfect. Hope you agree)........ But Glory Be to God we have a perfect Spirit in us (The Spirit of God is in us, there is nothing more perfect than that). If we let ourselves be controlled by this Spirit we will have a great time on Earth and a better time in Heaven. To keep the Spirit in control we need to depend on God's grace daily, because as I said it is a daily decision we make whether to put the sinful nature on the throne of our lives or the Spiritual Nature on the throne of our Lives. Its time to look at ourselves one more time, who is controlling us?. Is it the Sinful nature with all its desires, or the Spiritual Nature with all that God wants you to have. Ask yourself.