How fast the week ended. Tomorrow we go back to our ordinary lives filled with deadlines and busy schedules. How I wish I could rewind to the beginning of the week and enjoy it all over again, but sadly we do not enjoy that luxury. Time and tide waits for no man. It was a great week for us as a family. We had so many hours of prayer and thanksgiving this week that I will look back to this week as one of the best I ever had. What a blessed thing it is to have all your family under one roof and praying to an Almighty God who loves us so much. Today, was another day of happiness and joy. I was able to lead the worship along with our youth in our small church. I kinda feel sad that its all over.. But that's when God reminds me its a new day everyday. We ought to take it a day at a time. Every day can be a great day if we just let go and let God. His plans are higher than ours.. His ways are higher than ours. So, when Thanksgiving is over there will be Christmas and when Christmas is over we will have Easter. And finally when everything is over we will Go Home to be with the Lord. So, I urge you my beloved brothers and sisters to take life as a celebration of God's love for us and before we close our eyes to be with Lord let us do something for Him. Find out what you can do for God. There should be something, and pray about it... God will open up ways. I used to be an addict to sports. I watched all the games, all the analysis and sports had greater importance than God did in my life, but as soon as I started reading the Word of God, I started feeling that everything else is foolishness. If there is anything that you should get addicted to in this world it is the Word of God.

Be happy for your names are written in Heaven. I know this post is kind of unorganized but that's how I feel today. God bless and keep you.