Are you the kind of person who gets bogged down with the worries of this world. If you are, you are not alone.. I am just like that. Worry is sometimes inevitable, but most of the time it is a self induced thing which we use to hurt ourselves. There is one thing you need to ask yourself, what is the use of worrying?. It will bring your health down too. So, make a decision with me never to hurt yourselves by worrying needlessly. Take everything to God. It doesn't stop there, take it, give it to him, and don't bring it back. That is what Cast your Burdens on me means. You don't put your burdens on Him, and then take it back.Most of us, worry then pray and worry again. Once you pray it is already taken care of. Why, would worry about something God is taking care of. You cast it on Him and walk back without worry. Whatever you do today refuse to be worried.. God is still on the throne and you are his privileged son/daughter. He whose eyes are on the sparrow will never let you down.

Have a great "worry free" day.