Another week is coming our way. Lots of work is to be done and lots of commitment is needed. Let's all try to be the best in whatever we do this week. It does not matter what you do over the week, you can be a rocket scientist or a homemaker but what matters to God is the amount of time and devotion you put to your work. Let's be sincere in what we do, Let's do everything as if we are doing it for the Lord and not for our boss. Let's be the change we want to see in this world. Let's bring a smile to every face. Let our actions speak louder than our words. To do all this we need some serious preparation. We need to prepare our minds for the challenges ahead. Maybe, there will be a few things which will go wrong next week but let's prepare to face it and deal with it. Will you take some time and prepare for the next week or at least the next day. Saul was chosen by God because he stood for what he believed.. He was absolutely sure that Christians were spreading a heresy with their Jesus stuff. So, he acted with so much devotion to his work to get rid of every Christian in the area. After his transformation he gave his all to do the work of the Lord. Let's be like him, let's give our all to every little thing we do. May God bless you all. Have a great week.