Its an odd time to be doing a Bible study but as they say, You got to do what you got to do, right??. So, I am just gonna knock myself out of the weekend party mode and do some studying.. How boring. some might say ..... Man, it makes me laugh. Most people just label reading and studying the Bible boring without even trying. Let's not go there and waste our time. Ok, so we have seen(at least I have LOL) Esau, Cain and Abraham. So who's up tonight. Its none other than Achan. Who?
That's right Achan. For those of you who do not remember this guy, let me do some storytelling. Well, gone were the days of the Red Sea splitting and gone were the people who witnessed it. Here was this new generation Of Israelites under the command of Joshua. The new generation had come a long way but they lacked any supernatural victories from God and little did they know that the walls of Jericho standing majestically before them would be their version of the Split red sea. Finally, it would be something they can tell their kids other than the old stories of the drowning Pharaoh and the 10 plagues. The LORD had ordered the people to march around the city for seven days after which He would give the city to Israel. He also commanded the people not to take anything from the city. Just as planned, the City was taken on the 7th day. The Bible says the Israelites severely destroyed the city leaving nothing except Rahab the Harlot untouched. Here is where the character under the spotlight - Achan comes to view. He took some of the merchandise from the city with him disregarding God's prior command not to lay their hands on anything. Achan kept his sin a secret, and hid the stolen stuff in a hole he dug under his tent. The next city in the Path of Israel was Ai. Like every other city that opposed God's people, it was also destined to fall. It was a comparatively weak city so Joshua decided to send only a few of his soldiers to capture the city. But, they were in for the mother of all shocks. The citizens of Ai defended their city well and had Joshua's people on the run. The news of defeat greatly depressed Joshua. But, look at how he handled it.
Joshua 7:6-9 says Then Joshua tore his clothes and fell to the earth on his face before the LORD until the evening. Its easy for us to skim past the Bible like its a newspaper. We have to search it like miners do in a quarry. So, let's read that slowly once again. If you did you will see that Joshua spent the whole day before God after defeat. Let us remember to do the same when unexplainable defeat comes in our life. God spoke to Joshua and revealed that there was sin in the camp. We can predict what happened.. Yep the whole camp was searched and finally Achan was brought forward as the culprit. He was then burned to death along with all that he had and all his people. What a sad story this is. How many of us would do the same if we were living in that time. All Achan took was some Gold, some silver and a wardrobe. Most of us would have taken more than that. How wonderful it is to live in the Grace period.. right?.
The Moral of this story is that One man's sin led to the defeat of all his people. 36 men died at the hands Of the people of Ai. Why? Just because of Achan's sin. Many times we are forced to believe that our personal sin may only affect us, but it does affect a whole lot of people. Is there anything you are hiding. If there is repent so that you and your family will be blessed. Maybe you know of an Achan in your life. Get to him/her and ask the person graciously to repent.
May the Lord bless you with these words. And Have a Great weekend.