Esau is the next life we are going to look at. Please understand that these are not my ideas, but the ideas of Chuck Swindoll. I just want to share it with you. Esau is described as the son who could not win. When I think of Esau I feel sad just like Swindoll does. He was destined to serve the younger, but his actions made it worse for him than it would originally be.
His destiny ordained by God was that he would serve his younger brother. Like it or not, that was what was to happen. Rebekah knew this from the LORD even before they were born. She surely conveyed this to Issac. But here's where the Parental Favoritism comes to play and makes the plan of God look unfair. Let's look at it this way. God already said that the covenant would be with Jacob and not with Esau. What would have happened if Issac and Rebekah said this to their children. They should have told Jacob," You are the chosen One". and to Esau, "We love you just as much as we love Jacob but God for some reason as selected Jacob before you. So you should always be a good brother to partake in his blessings". Issac and Rebekah instead loved one child more than they did the other. This is evident from

Genesis 25:28
Now Issac loved Esau, because he had a great taste for game, but Rebekah loved Jacob"

This does not mean that Issac hated Jacob, because the word Love is used in a comparative manner. This is why Jacob had to steal the blessing from his father. Think about it, what was Issac thinking when he decided to bless Esau. Did he forget about what God said concerning who the covenant would go to. Seems like he did. Its another classic case of not listening when your wife is talking. This is why Jacob had to be the cheat. Rebekah helped her son craftily take his blessings. Such an intriguing Story.

Lets look at Esau, he is the one in focus by the way. He was a rugged man. He lived by impulse. He gave away his birthright to Jacob just for a bowl of soup. Do you know what he threw away.He threw away half of his father's wealth. Maybe this is why God let Issac be cheated by Jacob. Esau acted foolishly, he married Canaanite women. He had no interest in the Covenant of God. I am pretty sure that the parents did not inform the twins that one is going to serve the other. In that case, Esau should have tried to please God in every way and get the Covenant. He did not do it. he made the wrong choices time and again.

This story has many morals:
1. Parents should not show favoritism in any manner - It would have been much better if Issac and Rebekah told God's plan to both their children.

2.Do not make quick instant gratification choices - Think first, and ask the counsel of God and people who love you, Unlike Esau.

3.The injustice done to Jacob is almost always overlooked and more importance is given to the fact that he tricked his dad. Issac was going against the will of God, (according to which Jacob was to be blessed) he was getting ready to Bless Esau. You know what, that is just not fair. Jacob had to be there instead of Esau and guess what, he was.

God bless You all.