It was one very busy week with lots of college work to do. I was working full swing and let me admit I did not give much time to God and when you don't give time to God you find yourself very busy running around doing YOUR stuff. Lord forgive me for my utter selfishness.. I honestly pray today that God helps me to practise what he taught me a few days ago. If you want more time to do your stuff, try spending some of the time you have with God, I don't know how it works but you will get enough time, enough sleep and enough peace.OK, let's head back to our on going study.. Today we are going to look at the story of Samuel, one of Israel's greatest prophets. We will be closely looking at his mentor Eli too.. I don't know why Chuck Swindoll named this chapter as Samuel because it deals mostly with Eli. We all know the story of how Samuel heard the Lord's voice during the night three times. But, we often forget what God actually told him. We get so caught up in the surroundings and the circumstances that we don't give much attention to what God is saying.. Isn't that true about most of us. So, let's see what God actually said to a very young and very sleepy Samuel

"Behold,I am about to do a thing in Israel at which both ears of everyone who hears it will tingle. In that day I will carry out against Eli all that I have spoken concerning his house, from the beginning to the end. For I have told him that I am about to judge his house for the iniquity which he knew, because his sons brought a curse on themselves and he did not rebuke them. Therefore I have sworn to the House of Eli that the iniquity of Eli's house shall not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever".

Well that's not a great thing you would like to tell your mentor. The Bible says that young Samuel went back to sleep and woke in the morning just to hear Eli ask him about what God had said. Samuel would have been terribly afraid to tell everything but note how Eli demands to know everything about it. Seems like he already knows what it is. The response from Eli absolutely baffles me

"It is the LORD; let Him do what seems good to Him."

What??? For those of you who do not know what God is so angry for.. I will explain the circumstances briefly. The sons of Eli were really wicked and they ate of the offerings from the people. They even gave it to their father and Surprise Eli ate it. You want evidence check this out:

"Why do you kick at My sacrifice and My offering which I have commanded in My dwelling place, and honor your sons more than me,{{to make yourselves fat with the best of all the offerings of Israel My people??}}

Now, you know why God is really angry. Eli would not punish his children. His sons were so wicked that they had illicit relations with women who came to the tabernacle. They did this without shame and all the people of Israel knew it. Remember that Eli was the judge and if he said it was alright it was indeed alright. He always allowed his sons to get by whatever they did. After all this why does Eli respond in a very careless manner so as to provoke God even more.Why did he not just get out and do what is to be done. Why??

In many of our families the same thing is going on. Parents are not rebuking their children for their wrongs and before they know it the kids become as tall as they are and guess what it often leads to public shame. Parents out there... Please don't stay in denial. One more thing worth noticing is that how could the sons of the most prominent religious leader in Israel "not know the LORD". Well, once again the blame goes to one Mr Eli who was very busy doing stuff for the LORD. Maybe, he thought God will understand because I am always doing his duties. No God did not understand that because it is utter foolishness to be so busy that you don't train up your child. Parents, are you too busy that you don't have time to spend with your children. Are you too busy that you don't take time to explain the Word of God to them... No Sunday School is not a substitute for the teaching you have to do. Children are from the Lord, and they are his more than they are yours. Train the child in the way he should go and he won't depart from it even when he grows old.

Have a great worship day tomorrow.