Have you ever had a urge to organize your life. I am going through the same thing for some time now.. Let me be honest with you, its not the first time I made up my mind to be organized. One week later I guarantee everything will be back to "normal". Its funny in a way but there is no reason to stop trying.. I might get the hang of it this time, like they say,... "you never know". LOL, I'm good at motivating myself, you see. So to organize myself I either have to go with the time table method, that is, I have to allot separate times for separate things to be done in my life. But, I thought that was very mechanical and would lead to lack of spontaneity and boredom over time. I came up with the daily requirements scheme according to which I will not let myself go to sleep without doing certain things every day along with the special requirements for the day. The scheme will be employed from today onwards on an experimental basis, till New Years' Eve (Man, I like talking like Govt officials).. Here are the daily requirements I came up with.

  • Prayer ( No time limit, you can pray a whole day or 5 minutes but make sure it comes from the heart)
  • Abdominal exercise ( Since, I no longer play soccer on a daily basis, I'm getting Flabulous)
  • College Work( Keep on getting A's)
  • Blog post( Post something everyday for the sake of creativity and fun)
  • Listen to a sermon ( Faith comes from hearing says the bible. This activity is only for free days)
That's all for now, let's see How I will do for the next few days and then I can think of adding to the list. Have a great day.