Have you tried encouraging anyone lately..Have you been commended for something you did?? If you have you probably know the wonderful feeling you have when someone you respect encourages you or commends you for something you did. Some days ago my history teacher sent me this email.

"glad your enjoying history. Every time I read your discussion board postings I want to give you extra credit. I really appreciate your devotion to answering other student's questions with such accuracy."

She was referring to the online discussion board we have for our course.. But, the point is, Do you know how much times I read that e-mail over and over again. You have no idea how I felt when I read that mail for the first time. I was so motivated to do better and better. Part of this feelings is because I admire my teacher so much. Its interesting to note that it took only less than a minute to make my day. I want to encourage you to encourage someone this thanksgiving week. Don't just go out there and flatter someone, you get the idea right. Give someone a pat on the shoulder and tell them that you appreciate what they are doing. Give thanks for the different people you have around you. Let's not complain anymore, because there are two things that will take people away from you..... Bad breath and Constant Complaining.