There is something with the word obedience that makes every person feel irritated. Obedience is something parents demand from their children. Quotes like, "Do it because I said so" are commonly used in families worldwide. God considers obedience to Him as better than any sacrifice that we can possibly make. But, lets face it its difficult to obey all the time because 1. we have our own interests, we need to fulfill them and 2. Sometimes obedience to God is disobedience to man and vice versa. This is exactly what happens to Peter in our passages for today. Let's turn our bibles to Acts 4:19. The context of this verse should be understood well in order to truly appreciate these strong men of God. We know that Peter and co were just warned by the pharisees not to preach in the name of Jesus anymore. Guess what, Peter didn't heed their warning and went about "Fishing". In this circumstance the Pharisees were mad and wanted to imprison the disciples. Let us see what keeps them from doing so. The fact that the Pharisees most dreaded to think of, is how these former fishermen were healing the sick when they who are born religious leaders couldn't heal a common cold. So, if they decided to imprison the apostles the crowd would turn on them and they feared that-"Everyone in Jerusalem knows that they have done outstanding miracles andd we cannot deny it". Therefore thay decided to warn them again, they caught hold of Peter and warned him 'again'. This is where Peter replies to them "Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God's eyes to obey you rather than God"(verse 19). It takes courage and a will that is one with God's will to say that. Let us ask ourselves today if we are obedient to God? Are we just obeying what we want to obey and ignoring the rest sometimes sayin that "God won't tell me to do that, it must be the devil". Remember that throughout the bible we see God commanding things that looked like foolishness to man but it was all his divine plan. Look at Abraham leaving his home for the Promised Land. Again, God commanded the Israelites to march shouting praises to God until Jericho fell down. Isn't that foolishness. Sure, it is but only to man. Whoever obeyed God as been blessed. May God help us all to obey him in our lives.