Today we look at Luke 16:10 and 2 Tim 2:2.Luke 16 deals with Being wise and using adversity to stimulate you instead of destroying you. 2 Tim deals with doing the best for God. Paul advises Timothy and all christians to do their best for God. Quote: "If we die with Him, we will Livw with Him.
If we stick it out with Him, we will rule with Him.
If we Turn our backs on Him, He will turn our backs on us.
If we give up on Him, He does not give up on us for there is no way He can be false to Himself.
Luke 16 also contains the story of a crooked manager of a rich landlord. This manager is seen to survive in adversity by using his wits. Jesus wants us to use our wits given to us by God when we live in this crooked and perverse generation. This chapter contains another parable. It is the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. Th parable should remind us all of being humble in this life. As I heard this week, humility is the escalator God uses to take people to the top. Here we see the image of a poor man and a rich man who spent most of his money on the leisures of the world. The end of both these men are diametrically opposite. God warns us that riches will drive many people to hell. So make sure your savings are in Heaven where there is no moth who can eat away your wealth. and where the wealth of man is, there also will be his heart. Let your hearts be set on God.