The scripture passages for today are Luke 10:1-3 and Luke 17-20. The context of both these verses is Jesus sending out the seventy to spread the Good news that the kingdom of God is at hand. The tone of Jesus is one of "Don't worry". Children of God, it is not only wrong to worry when you say you are christian it is also utter foolishness. I heard a sermon yesterday where the Pastor spent so much time explaining the wonderful Universe in which we live. God made all this by his words and the stars by his Breath says the word of God. Why then should we worry about anything, God may not answer all the prayers, but atleast we should know that there is a purpose for anything and everything God does. God created the ozone layer to protect us from U-V rays. God sends rain to all, both the righteous and the wicked. There are 50 cells being replaced in your body every 3 seconds,who does all this? God does, Why? Because He cares for you. So don't worry about anything. Be immune to worry. Back to our verse we are dealing with for the day. Jesus instructs the disciples not to take any extra stuff wth them like sandals, toothpaste(LOL) anything. God will provide. With these words I end today's devotion