Scripture Passage
1 Cor 13:4-7
The Main thought of this passage is "LOVE". In this world,where the word 'Love' has been used in various contexts, this passage still is the best definition for Love.

Love suffers Long - Many Times I don't suffer for long, I do what most people do, I retaliate. But, the word of God says I should suffer long if I am a christian. This attitude is not to be shown to specific people but to all.Why? Because we need to love "all", what else does "LOve your enemies" mean?. God will retaliate for you.
Love Does not envy - If there is love there will be no envy. I have been jealous towards some of my friends and I know that whenever there is envy, the love grows cold. An enviable attitude also shows that the person is not happy. But, if God is foremost in our Life, you will have no reason to envy anyone.
Love does not seek its own - Some people are very special in our lives. Sometimes, we sacrifice many things for them. For example, if we know that someone we love likes a special food, we try to keep some for them by eating less. God wants us to have that attitude towards all people. This is connected to when Jesus says "Do to others what you want them to do to you". Count yourself lower than all. You will have great relationships in Life.

Praise The Lord
God gave me a 96% result in my History Test on 13th October 2008.The class average was only 64.25%.Thank you Lord.